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I come in peace. The world in the future has been overrun by robots and I am here to ask help from you, people of the past. Help me to eradicate all machines so that we may alter the fate of the human race. Loljk. I like bananas.
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Friend Flicks-Ball

A short video about how two strangers became friends because of a ball

Fishtale Productions 2014

Notes: Guys please so sorry we did this under an hour and used only one camera so yeah we had plenty of mistakes. I’ll be sure to make jacob bring his camera next time to have a better run of the vid. Color correction was bad at the end since my camera had its battery drained so we had to get jacob’s camera. Unfortunately, we forgot to fix the white balance so the color was off. I promise to produce a better one next time.

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Anivia by inkinesss
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Pony ride by zapdosrocks
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Zac by vSock
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AstroNaut [WIP] by vSock
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(by AttilioCorrenti)
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Chibi Bunny Girl Riven by tunako
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